Barnakademin has provided families in Sweden with quality babysitting since 2008. We offer our customers creative child care in Swedish, but we also specialize in offering bilingual babysitters.

  • competitive salary. We offer a good start salary compared to our competitors

  • a flexible, fun and developing part-time job

  • detailed references. We make sure that each employee leaves with a written, full reference from their time with us

  • close contact with us at the central office

  • Rebecca


    “ "I have been working at Barnakademin for years. It is a great part time job during my studies and I love how flexible and relaxing it is. I love hanging with kids so it does not really feel like work! Plus, I have met a lot of new friends" ”




Djursholm, SE

Göteborg, SE

Lidingö, SE

Luleå, SE

Malmö, SE

Skövde, SE

Solna, Lidingö, Djursholm, Gubbängen, SE

Stockholm, SE